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Welcome to the internet home of the Saporito family!  We hope you'll join us for all sorts of fun family pictures and stories!


The girls got to see snow for the first time in our trip to West Virginia in February 2006.  You can see more great photos of this trip in the Photos section.


Fun in the Sun

We had the chance to escape for a few days to Miami and the Florida Keys in June 2005.  It was our first trip to both places, and our first trip by train!  You can check out some of the pictures we took by looking in the Photos section.

YES!  We really took this picture!!


Our New Addition

Our latest family member isn't a baby...it's a puppy!  Princess joined our family on January 15, 2005.  We adopted her from a local pet rescue.  She is a darling girl -- so sweet and gentle.


Reading Time?

We're trying to potty train Rachel, but it seems like she's picking up the important aspects all on her own.  This is how we caught her one evening late in January 2005.  Notice what she's reading?  A guitar catalog, of course!


2004 Sparks-a-Rama

Gabriella was selected to participate in this year's Sparks-a-Rama, a competition between all the Central Florida Sparks clubs, which are the K-2nd grade kids in the Awanas program.  When we got there we learned that one of the other Sparks teams was going to have to forfeit because not enough team members showed up.  Anna volunteered to play for the other team so that they wouldn't have to go home.

2004 Lake County Renaissance Faire

Gabriella is taking a class on Medieval Times in her Tuesday group classes.  To enhance her experience of the period, we decided to take her to a renaissance festival over by Tavares, Florida.  We all had a great time, especially at the medieval magic show where our own Gabe was chosen as an audience "volunteer."  He got to fire a bunny out of a cannon!  Gabe stole the show when the magician told him to fire the cannon and he pointed at the cannon and said, "You're fired!"

2004 Father-Daughter Valentine Dance

Each year the girls' homeschool group (Circle Christian School) hosts a Father-Daughter Valentine's Day Dance.  The girls wore their matching dresses from Christmas, and Gabe wore a shirt to match.  Abby met a friend from Cubbies there and spent the evening dancing with her.  Anna met a friend from the homeschool group, and spent the evening playing with her.  Gabe and Gabriella had a fun night spent mostly together.  They did the chicken dance (twice!), the hokey pokey, plus other favorites.  I wish the photographer had taken a non-fuzzy picture of this highlight of the girls' year!

2003 Disney IT Cast Holiday Party

Gabe's office party was held at Dinoland in the Animal Kingdom this year.  As usual, the food was incredible.  They had carnival games (where we won the Mickey and Minnie puppets we're holding) and a couple of rides open.  The highlight of our evening, though, was the live band "Frankie and the West End Boys" from Pleasure Island.  We danced to almost every song they played, and left the party after they played their last set.  


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