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Art Gallery

We love to take pictures, and love to share them. 


We went on a great adventure to West Virginia, in February 2006.   Here are just a couple of the pictures.  We'll load more soon!

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Take me home country roads.

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Wow!  Snow is awesome!

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It's an open-faced Papa sandwich!


Fun in the Sun

We had the chance to escape for a few days to Miami and the Florida Keys in June.  It was our first trip to both places, and our first trip by train!  We took over 200 photos; here are some of our favorites.  They're shown as thumbnails here to facilitate loading; click on them to see them larger.

MIAMI22.JPG (1695571 bytes)

Arriving at the train station 

MIAMI26.JPG (1743196 bytes)

Boarding the train 

MIAMI31.JPG (1714961 bytes)

Breakfast at the rental house 

MIAMI38.JPG (1740210 bytes)

Pool time at the house 

CIMG0088.JPG (1738852 bytes)

Dolphin show at "Theater of the Sea" in Islamadora 

CIMG0091.JPG (1804086 bytes)

Gabriella and Anna volunteer to pet the dolphins 

CIMG0119.JPG (1820018 bytes)

Nature walk at Theater of the Sea 

CIMG0122.JPG (1742506 bytes)

Feeding the fish at Theater of the Sea 

CIMG0130.JPG (1679289 bytes)

Gabe snorkeling at Bahia Honda State Park

Can you believe the color of that ocean? 

CIMG0135.JPG (1775652 bytes)

Sandcastle construction project 

CIMG0153.JPG (1682602 bytes)

The three (awake) girls at the southernmost point of the continental U.S. (Key West)

CIMG0165.JPG (1609902 bytes)

Sunset in Marathon Key.  We saw this and just had to pull over to the side of the road and take a picture of it.

CIMG0167.JPG (1700750 bytes)

 Rachel showing off her "Red Racoon" sunburn 

CIMG0186.JPG (1792354 bytes)

The girls at South Beach (Miami) 

CIMG0190.JPG (1799191 bytes)

Gabe and the girls across the street from the Art Deco district in South Beach 

CIMG0204.JPG (1777193 bytes)

Rachel flying 

CIMG0230.JPG (1800242 bytes)

Gabriella in front of the Cape Florida lighthouse 

CIMG0244.JPG (1710216 bytes)

Goodbye from Abby! 


Same Baby, Different Day

I was busy this week painting a couple of rooms in the house.  Rachel was busy, too.  This is what happened in a 15-minute span of time:  she took Princess' food dish and scattered it all over the theatre, she poured chocolate syrup on herself, she got hit in the head with a brush full of paint (when Mama saw the chocolate syrup all over her), she dumped an entire box of cake flour out (which stuck to the aforementioned chocolate syrup), emptied a jar of popcorn and a packet of black cherry Kool-Aid, smashed up two Pop-Tarts, and then fed them to the dog.  

rachelmess1_0605.jpg (1643266 bytes) rachelmess2_0605.jpg.JPG (1810028 bytes)

An unbelievable chain of events?  You'd think so, until you looked back at the photo below taken just over a year ago.   


"Honest!  I just found it like this!" seems to be what Rachel is saying in this March 2004 photo.  Looking at this picture, it's no wonder we often call her "baby-zilla."  She decided she was hungry and then proceeded to tear apart the pantry until she came upon just what she wanted -- graham sticks.

Laura asked Gabe to hold Rachel a minute.  This is what happened.  This is what usually happens.  (March 2004)

This is a picture of the girls and Alice at the Florida Aquarium in June 2002.  It was an impromptu trip with Gabe's best friend from high school, his wife, and their beautiful new daughter.  Joe and Bebe live in New Jersey, but were in Tampa for a conference.  We got a chance to spend a day with them (and the fish).

Here are our three princesses -- playing in mud puddles in March 2002.  I don't know if the stains ever came out.  Ah!  To be a child!

It was the last day of the Walt Disney World Cast Celebration, in November 2001.  Laura had puttered around the house all day when Gabe called and said, "Let's go do this!"  We were out of the house in 15 minutes and our way to the Disney-MGM Studios.  Despite its impromptu nature, we had a marvelous time -- seeing the lights at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, catching snowflakes on New York Avenue, and eating dinner at the Sci-Fi Theatre.  We went back twice more during the Christmas season and did it all over again.  It was so much fun we're going to catch it every year!



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