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There's always something interesting happening around here!  Here's what we have going on right now...

March 15, 2004

This is the first update to the website since Rachel was born in January 2003 and we lost our precious Alice in September 2003.  Rachel is learning to walk and beginning to say words we can understand.  

January 6, 2003

Today is the last day of the Christmas season and sadly, we're taking down the tree and the lights on the outside of the house.  We had the best decorated house in our neighborhood this year.  We're all sorry to see them go!

November 12, 2002

Today was Gabriella's last day at her group classes ("HOUSE") until after the holidays (February, to be exact).  She's going to miss seeing her friends for so long.  Fortunately, several of them will be attending her birthday party on December 7th.  

August 14, 2002

Gabriella made her first recipe in Home Economics -- banana bread.  It was yummy!  Could she be following in her mother's footprints???

August 2, 2002

Today Abby told Laura that she had blonde hair.  Sigh.  For more than a year she's referred to herself as having "yellow" hair.  Our baby is growing up.  Lest we be too sad, though, she did also tell Laura today that she (Abby) had blonde skin.  Smile.

July 23, 2002

First grade is fast approaching!  We're getting in the last of our curriculum, in anticipation of an August 5th start date.  Gabriella got her backpack last night and is just ecstatic.  Our friends the VanDykes have offered to come over and paint the school room and install a huge white board (our current one is pretty dinky).  We're going to have to go get another school desk, because Anna really wants to be included in school as well.  Laura will continue to teach Anna to read this year, as well as start her on math concepts.

The first day of HOUSE (Hands-On Unit Study Experience) is August 27th.  Gabriella can hardly wait!  This is a day of classes offered by our homeschool group, Circle.  Gabriella will be taking P.E., Art, Simple Machines, and The Travels of Marco Polo.  In that last class she'll be studying all of the places that Marco Polo visited on his journeys.  She'll learn about the history and culture of each of the locations.  It sounds so fun, I want to go!

June 4, 2002

We've just learned WE'RE PREGNANT!  As usual, Gabe knew before Laura.  It always takes Laura completely by surprise!  We're due around Valentine's Day.

May 3, 2002

All the girls are sick again!  Gabriella is on day #3, while the other girls are running fevers of 101-103.  Fortunately, Gabe, Alice and I haven't gotten it...yet.

February 26, 2002

Today Alice became "ours."  We were made her legal guardians in a Volusia County courtroom today.  This represents a big change in all of our lives.  We're glad to have Alice as part of our family.  The girls just can't wait until Aunt Alice gets here!

February 8, 2002

We've all been sick for 5 days now, and it's starting to feel like we may never be well.  Anna and Abby are running temperatures of up to 105 degrees.  Gabriella's last in line for the illness, with her temperature at only 101.






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