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Art Gallery

Here's our chance to show you how we "clean up."  Below are some recent professional portraits. 

Here are the girls' most recent portraits, taken in November 2005:

Here are their individual shots:

Here's a family portrait taken in February 2004:

And the girls' most recent portrait, taken at the same time:

Here are our 10th wedding anniversary photos, taken in March 2002:

Ten years ago we had our hands posed similarly - on our wedding day.  Even the flowers are reminiscent of that day, as Gabe had a corsage made for me of sterling silver roses -- just like my bridal bouquet.  

Here we are - 10 years older, and even more in love.

These were taken in February 2002 (which was as close as we could get to the girls' 6th and 4th birthdays).






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